3-D Vision | Crowdfunding for Startup Businesses on Fundable

Our Instant 2-D to 3-D Converter™ uses a patented technology to display any content in 3-D on any television, projector, computer, or hand held display. Images shot using normal 2-D filming methods capture images at different depths in a photographed scene, providing varying levels of sharpness, brightness, contrast, color saturation, motion speed, size, and frame location. By comparing two frames of 2-D video, the Instant 3-D Converter’s algorithms capture as much image-point-depth-location data as possible and present stereoscopic image pairs of those points, so that they can be seen at the proper depth locations during stereoscopic viewing. Image points whose depth cannot be determined accurately at any given time are given estimated depth locations for stereoscopic viewing. The human brain, when presented with accurate 3-D depth location information about some of the points in a scene, reconstructs memories of previously seen 3-D images and fills in the missing depth information in the viewer’s perception. This provides a strong, pleasing overall 3-D experience.

The Converter can provide the output in the side-by-side, frame packing, or frame sequential (page flipping) format, allowing conventional 3-D TVs and projectors (using polarized or shutter glasses) to display stereoscopic 3-D to viewers. The Instant 3-D Converter™  also contains an adjustable frequency RF transmitter which is triggered by the incoming video signal to provide synchronization pulses to our included 3-D RF shutter glasses. This allows the viewing of stereoscopic 3-D on any 2-D TV or projector. The use of RF instead of IR (used by other 3-D shutter glasses on the market) allows the glasses to stay synchronized and provide continuous 3-D regardless of the viewer’s head position, viewing distance, or intervening objects. Using our patent-pending FullColor 3-D glasses and app, your videos and games can also be seen in full-color-3-D on any computer or handheld device.

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